Virtual Tour of Britain’s Cathedrals

JBKS Architects

Rich in history, Great Britain’s cathedrals have withstood the test of time and have now become key historical tourist attractions as well as places of Christian worship. Thousands of tourists each year flock to Britain’s cathedrals to admire the grandeur and beauty of medieval religious architecture.

Although in Great Britain places of worship and tourist hotspots are still closed under covid-19 lockdown restrictions, many Cathedrals are providing free online virtual tours. Read about JBKS Church Architects’ favourite historical Cathedrals and click on the links below to virtually visit each cathedral in an interactive online tour!


www.canterbury cathedral

1. Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury’s cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England, built between 1070 and 1077 although its site was founded as a place of worship in 597.

The historic town is home to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest office in the Church of England and the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

View Canterbury Cathedral’s stunning architecture here.


Christ Church College Oxford Oxfordshire UK e1592305812546

2. Christchurch Cathedral of Oxford

Founded by Cardinal Wolsey back in Henry VII’s reign, it sits at the heart of the medieval university town of Oxford.

The nave, choir, main tower and transepts are of late Norman architecture. The cathedral also features Perpendicular style architecture and a large rose window.

View Christchurch Cathedral of Oxford here.



3. Salisbury Cathedral

With the tallest church spire in the United Kingdom, Salisbury Cathedral is a stunning example of early English architecture. Construction of the cathedral began in 1220 and took nearly fifty years to complete – finally being finished in 1266.

Visitors can take the “Tower Tour” where the interior of the hollow spire, with its ancient wood scaffolding can be viewed.

This cathedral also has the largest cloister and contains the world’s oldest working clock dating back to around 1386 AD. View Salisbury Cathedral here.



4. Gloucester Cathedral

Since 678 AD, the site has been a place of Christian worship continuously.

Filled with Romanesque, English Gothic and Gothic architecture, Gloucester Cathedral is a must-see ancient house of worship.

View Gloucester Cathedral here.


Ely Cathedral in Ely

5. Ely Cathedral

Dating back to 1083, architecturally, the cathedral is outstanding due to its scale and stylistic details.

Its most famous feature is the central octagonal tower with a lantern. This creates a spectacular internal space as well as a unique exterior landmark.

View Ely Cathedral here.