Ten Worship Songs and Hymns to See You to the End of Lockdown

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With the hope of restrictions soon lifting in the United Kingdom, it makes this period of isolation all the more difficult for some.  With a near threshold to normality on the horizon, it draws focus to the struggles we still have right now.  As Christians, we value the faith restoring tools God provides us with. Today, we share music that may help you feel a little brighter for a time until we can once again, worship together in our churches without constraints.

Psalm 95: 1 reads, “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!”  Let’s! Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, we encourage you to make a joyful noise and praise the Lord.


1. Abide with me – Henry Francis Lyte.

This traditional Anglican Hymn dates from around 1847, but it still has a relevant message for Christians today.  There are many modern arrangements of this wonderful song, but we can also find an atmosphere for calm reflection in the more traditional versions.  Here is one such arrangement on by the Kings College choir.

In these difficult and changing times, we can find comfort in remembering that God is the same yesterday, today and always and we can always find peace and comfort in waiting on the Lord.  Or, as Henry Francis Lyte puts it, “O thou who changest not, abide with me.”

2. It is Well – Horatio Spafford.

Like the previous song, this measured hymn dates from the seventeenth century.  First published in 1876, it has survived many years to still be used in modern churches.  The lyrics speak of trials and suffering but also of the importance of fixing our eyes on God in trying times.  We could all do with more “peace like a river” in our lives at the present moment. This piano and vocal arrangement by Audrey Assad is very inspiring and uplifting for when we need “blessed rest” for our souls.

3. Strength Will Rise – Chris Tomlin.

Jumping forward quite a few years now to 2006, Chris Tomlin’s song Strength Will Rise talks of how we can renew our strength by spending time listening to God and acknowledging his magnificence.  It is most comforting to know that God will “comfort those in need” and “lift us up on wings like eagles.”  You can listen to the song here.

4. Do it again – Elevation Worship.

This song expresses metaphors of walls that are God’s to destroy.  The symbolism is clearly from the story of Jericho in the Old Testament but now, the metaphor seems poignant for another reason.  With lockdown still creating feelings of isolation and loneliness, we are “waiting for change to come” inside the walls.

It is a good thing for us all to remember that we are still confident in God’s power and we “know the night won’t last.”  This heartfelt recording of the song is just the ticket for when your heart is desperate to see God “move the mountains” in our lives.

5. So Will I – Hillsong Worship.

This beautiful modern song helps remind us that our God is the only God, and He is all powerful.  As the creator of all of space and time, he deserves our praise and to be glorified.  The enormity of his creativity and power that we see in nature shows us that all creation sings the praises of the creator and so shall we.  This beautiful live recording reminds us all what a mighty God we serve and how powerful He is.

6. There Was Another in the Fire- Hillsong United.

This song is such a powerful statement of how God is with us through all our sufferings.  The title suggests an allusion to the story of the three faithful men who were saved from being burned alive in the furnace for declaring their faithfulness to God.  Our trials are of many natures, but God is with us all in each of them.  Although God does not promise that his people will never suffer, we do know that we “will never be alone” in them.

Although we may be desperate to “see the light in the darkness” right now, we can take heart in the writings of John.  In John 16: 33 it is written that we should “take heart,” for he has “overcome the world.”  God has a plan and the power to change our circumstances.

7. Goodness of God – Betel.

Even when we feel down, we know that he has “led [us] through the fire.”  We should strive to remember His faithfulness to us and how He has held us in our times of trouble.  All our lives he has been so, so good to us and we should try to be creatures full of praise and worship for Him.  This song is a sincere declaration of faith and confidence in God’s commitment to his people.

8. Reckless – Jeremy Camp.

This semi-secular song still has a devout Christian message we can all be inspired by.  We can get so weary trying to live life our own ways and under our own power, but God’s way is always the best way and he has unlimited power.

9. Carry Me to the Cross – Kutless.

This song is for the moments when you feel that “the path is daunting and every step [is] exhausting.”  When we feel overwhelmed, we can rest easy knowing that we are “not alone,” and God is carrying us every day.  Although this song isn’t strictly a worship song, it’s such a work of praise.  It speaks of God’s great power and empathy for us.  He is almighty and omniscient but still takes the time to care for our every worry and struggle.  What an amazing God we have.

10. Church – Cochren and Co.

This song is a cry from many hearts.  Despite the Government’s guidance that says churches can remain open for services, many are still shut to protect their congregations from the virus.  Whether your church building is open for services or not, you may be missing the fellowship and community we get from worshiping under one roof.  There is nothing like singing God’s praises as one body under one roof and we all want to get back to that.

The lyrics explain how church can make us feel like we’re truly at home and among people who we “can depend on”.  The closing of our church buildings in the previous lockdowns has forced us to truly appreciate their value to our communities and mental wellbeing.  Lyrics which particularly express how we can’t take our churches for granted are that church is “more than an obligation.  It’s our foundation.”  Amen to that.  JBKS know a lot about foundations and God, and fellowship is the strongest variety there is!

We hope that this metaphorical mixtape will uplift you and support you in the last leg of your lockdown journey. Allow this music to fill your church, your home and your heart – our faith, joy and hope will get us through these tough times.

To make sure your church buildings are suitable for the congregation’s return and ready to resume God’s great works, you can get in touch at any time with our team here at JBKS Architects. We can help you to optimise your house of worship for the glory of God, and would love to hear from you.