St Peter’s Church - Furze Platt

Church Architects UK

The new extension at St Peter’s Church replaces an old 1970’s bungalow-like extension. With an increasing activity schedule from both church and community use, it had become apparent that the space provided was woefully inadequate. The new extension is nestled onto the same restricted site and fully maximises the land available.

A new entrance foyer links the new spaces to the existing church as well as providing access to the hall, catering kitchen and toilet facilities. Upstairs, a meeting room and storage area have been created in the pitches of the roofs in order to maximise space. These first floor rooms gain natural light through strategically positioned roof lights.

It was decided that a red brick approach would be used from the outset of the design phase in order to prevent the addition of a second architectural language in such a small space. As a result, the new extension creates the right aesthetic and sits harmoniously next to the existing church tower.