About Us

Helping UK Churches with Architectural Projects since 2004

Our Story

JBKS is an award-winning architectural firm in Oxfordshire, specialising in church renovation and building projects.

For several years now, our faith-driven team has been renovating and creating beautiful building designs for churches for the glory of God and the necessity of his followers.

As an accredited architectural firm, we strive to combine functionality with beauty in our church projects. Choosing to support the Christian faith, we work in collaboration with each church to deliver unique solutions to their space and building problems in alignment with their budget.

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JBKS Architects

Our Ethos

Christians building up Christians

Our faith-driven business has been renovating and designing church buildings since 2004. Our mission is to help you see your vision realised in brick and mortar. Whether you’re looking to extend, repair or adapt your space, JBKS Architects are here to help.

We seek to combine a sympathy for historic buildings with a thrill for modernisation and progress. JBKS work in collaboration with the church authorities to ensure that our plans are appropriate and align with the laws which apply to listed buildings. As a Christian company, we believe in using our skills and talents to support and enable other Christians to carry out their purpose for God.


At JBKS we have a vision, to renew, refresh, rebrand and revitalized the churches we work with. We don’t just offer quality design, we work hard to make churches more efficient, and help you to achieve your goals. We’re here to take away the obstacles and make your vision work for the church, bringing buildings back to life for the community. 


At JBKS, we’re not just architects, we’re church architects. We take pride in the faith-driven team we have in place. Collaboration is key to achieving growth, so it’s important to us that our mission aligns with yours from day one. We don’t just have an understanding of faith, but we have a depth of faith that leads through the projects we support. We’ll look after your church, as if it was our own. 


At JBKS, we’re proud of our award-winning design and the reputation we have within the industry. We’re here to move forward with innovation, repurpose old projects and bring new perspectives to church design. We work with a broad spectrum of churches, from listed buildings to new-builds and renovated commercial properties, helping you to grow with your community.

Our Team

Meet JBKS Architect’s team of talented, faith centred individuals

At JBKS Architects, we know that the Christian faith doesn’t disappear on Monday morning. We strive to always operate our business in accordance with the bible’s guidance for righteous living. God is at the centre of our work as he is the centre of our lives. Our team work with a deep understanding of the Christian faith and seek to support the church’s work in spreading the Christian message.